Traveling to Amsterdam from New York City was only about $140USD


Where To Stay In Amsterdam

I stayed at theClink Hostelin Amsterdam, don’t let the word hostel fool you; this one is one of a kind. They have various locations in London and are opening future ones in Dublin and Lisbon by 2020 (so exciting!).Clink Hostelsis a great and refreshing hostel, you won’t even feel like you’re staying in a hostel. Everything is extremely clean, and the food at the bar is delicious. Make sure to try their delicious coffee and avocado and toast when you visit it! I would also like to add that in addition to their shared rooms they also have solo rooms, these are obviously pricier but overall for a reasonable price.

Clink Hostelis located right by Amsterdam Central Station (across the river). Being across the river will give you an opportunity to experience Amsterdam like a local, as you will need to take the ‘Blue Ferry’ – forFREE! If you are a massive explorer and worry about the time for the last ferry back, you need not, it runs 24/7 andClink Hostelsis within walking distance from the Ferry Stop. Once you cross the river back from the hostel into Amsterdam Central, you’re literally at the center of Amsterdam. Everything is within a 15-20 minute cycle/walk.

What I like more than anything aboutClink Hostelsisn’t the cleanliness, security, food, or rooms, but the atmosphere. It doesn’t feel like you’re in a young crazy hostel. It’s a hostel with adults which makes it so much easier to meet and connect with like-minded travelers.

Ways To Get Around

有两种方法可以解决。Bikeor Train.

我强烈建议骑自行车IF YOU ARE USE在城市自行车。阿姆斯特丹是一个重要的自行车城市。通过阿姆斯特丹自行车更容易比在其他主要城市如伦敦或纽约。

If you’re used to biking than I highly recommend the train. They are easy to navigate and trains run often. During the weekend the train schedule changes make sure to check updates or ask your hotel or hostel front desk for details.



These are my recommendations:

ZincBar(碰杯处旅社) -一个省钱旅行时,住在旅馆是通常在旅馆喝最好的方式。他们很可能是最便宜的啤酒/饮料,你会在城里得到。在ZincBar,饮料并不是唯一的好东西,欢乐时光的价格是最好的!在酒吧的食物也非常好。我可以向你保证最好最旅馆的餐厅。

小Collins-Fantastic breakfast spot. It’s the popular De Pijp Area ( very artsy area). Breakfast and coffee are a most here. Be aware! The food is good, chances are you won’t be eating for the rest of the day!

Hannekes Boom Bar- 这里的酒和视图是一个必须看到!在阿姆斯特丹温暖的月份,他们拥有美丽的室外座位。这是一个很大的场地,它通常是由当地人拥挤。这是罕见的,你会发现这里旅游,如果你喜欢与当地人联系,这是要去的地方!

Esther’s Cookery Food Workshop– Let’s talk about something VERY different in Amsterdam. The Dutch eat a lot of weird stuff, at least they are weird to me. Nonetheless, very good stuff! Who doesn’t love a delicious and rare combination?.- Sign me up, please! That being said, book a night at Esther’s Cookery for authentic Dutch or Vegetarian with a mix of Mediterranean cuisine. This is a great place to experience something different. You’ll get to cook your whole meal here, and spend time with friends!-PURCHASE a GIFT CARD HEREfor friends & family visiting!

REM Eiland- 这是一个美丽的法国餐厅。强烈推荐天饮用的嗡嗡声。即使它的冷了太阳升起的餐厅和视图和氛围是惊人的。绝对值得的嗡嗡声!

Oedipus Brewery——这是Ams之一terdam’s local beers. It’s definitely one of the coolest too! They have small appetizers while tasting and it’s always filled with locals having a beer on a Saturday afternoon. This activity is highly recommended if you’re wanting to do something different with some new hostel’s buddies. Plus it’s close to Clink Hostels too!

Last, but not least…

Amsterdam Lights Festival Canal Cruise-This is an ABSOLUTE must experience. Go to the market before and pick up your own booze and snacks. Book a cruise at night or at sunset. Whether the Lights Festival is happening or not, take a cruise on the canal. It’s always a beautiful sight and fun experience.

Don’t forget to have fun, and enjoy all the little things you will experience in Amsterdam, you never know how it may surprise you! If you’ve been to Amsterdam and have any recommendations, pleaseSHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!!

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