Overall growth and development are important for everyone. It’s crucial that we are constantly growing, learning and trying to be better people.

This is true in most professional environments as well. Everyone is trying to get the next promotion, or the next client, the next job or even just keep up with their competitors. The phrase “climbing the corporate ladder” exists for a reason. There’s almost a literal ladder that can outline the way to the top. Everyone’s working to reach the next step and you can see there is a very clearly defined, almost linear path to each step.

But what if you work for yourself? Who are you competing with? What if you don’t have a boss anymore or a review? How are you getting that valuable feedback? How do you know what to work towards?

As an entrepreneur, I have actively sought out ways to answer these questions for myself. Not everyone will have the same experience and not everyone grows in the same way. Our paths are all going to be very different, but seeking the next steps and intentionally working to be a better version of ourselves will always be crucial in our success as individuals as well as entrepreneurs. Here are a few things that have worked for me and that I would highly recommend.

1-Get a coach.Mine has been invaluable to me. She helps me to critically think through whatever is going on in my business now and where I want it to be. It’s like having someone sit with you and sort through your thoughts in a way that will help you build a map to your goals. Get a coach you that is currently where you want to be in your business. Make sure she gets you and your vision and goals!

2-Ask your clients for feedback.Ask them what they valued the most from you or what worked best for them during the time you worked together.

3-Get real clear on who you want to serve.Who is your ideal client? Is it a he or she? What are the pain points? How are you helping them with the transformation?

4-Look into the future.What do you think is the next big thing for your industry? Look out for another platform that might be the new face of your business. I don’t think anyone would have anticipated Instagram being as large of a platform for entrepreneurs as it is today- but what could possibly be next? This doesn’t have to be an online platform, but maybe there are conferences you should be connected to or special interest groups or volunteer-based programs where you can get connected and challenge yourself a little but.

5-Think BIG!Don’t be afraid to think big. I mean it. Write out your 10 years, 5 years and then 6-months goals. Reverse engineer and start working backward, what are the steps you need to take in order to make these things happen? Who do you need to step into?

6-Never stop learning.有那么many resources out there not only for personal growth but for professional as well. Open yourself up to materials that may challenge parts of you that you don’t want to admit need improvement. We all have areas to work on and one of the greatest ways to find encouragement and advice on how to grow in those areas is just to read and apply the advice given.

Keep in mind, that investing in yourself means an automatic investment in your business.

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