For one, the internet changed our world, but social media changed our society. Social Media plays a big part in making friends while traveling solo. Another is where you stay, and lastly, how you present yourself. – Don’t worry. I will explain. Read on, I will explain!

我到过39个国家的日期和我说,我个人游历这些国家的一个很好的30。我从来没有真正感受到独奏,因为我总是在前进的道路上结交朋友。我走遍并张贴在社交媒体更我学会了如何与人连接全球/交朋友,在家里坐在我的沙发上的更多。我也是在旅行时从不会如此怪异的人挑选出来的“变态” too.-没有秘密到成为真正的好,听你的直觉!

There is a method to the madness and certain tricks I’ve picked up along the way. Here are a few that have helped me make friends while traveling solo.



Let’s get this straight: Social media is called social media because it’s used to share valuable information in a social matter. If you’re creating good content and sharing it online, you’re using social media. Through your content, you’re creating connections. People who like what you’re saying will connect with you. Make sense?

**其次,不是每个人你在网上见面是他们说他们是谁。最后,你不应该永远分享任何有价值的信息关于自己或您的位置,而旅行. It’s one thing to share a destination, but it’s another to share a hotel name and hotel room number. -Get it?




旅行组 -有超过10万(有的由数可能是真实的)Facebook的群体是唯一的女性女性独奏旅行。(女生爱旅行,流浪女孩)。这些团体有100S和妇女1000谁所有旅行全球各地,并不断支持其他妇女,而旅行。在这些群体的一个弹出一条消息,询问是否有人是围绕满足了饮料!

你自己的Facebook页面- 将状态自己的Facebook页面上。问问你的朋友,如果有人知道有人在你访问该国。听听建议。


Meetups-There is a website calledMeetup.com,这个网站专门连接所有的人在一个共同的利益。查找你有聚会说的是该国的一组。通常,这些都是在酒吧或咖啡厅举行社交活动。挑选你的毒药!

Couch Surfing- 你知道你不必刚刚加入沙发冲浪的方式留在陌生人家中免费的吗?他们还让你有联谊会。沙发上冲浪,你就可以创建一个配置文件,并告诉你只是想聚在一起享用饮品或探索一个国家的人。这是一个伟大的方式,以满足当地人!

Airbnb– Yes, Airbnb recently launched something they call ‘Experiences’. Where you can not only book accommodation but you can also find the best things to do in your destination by jumping on a tour. Joining paid tours are a great way to make friends too.


Travello应用– I’ve mentioned these guys before because it’s a great tool to have while traveling solo. Travello is an app for solo travelers. It allows you to check-in to a location and finds out who’s there whats happening with other solo travelers. You can ‘friend’ someone and start planning a hang-out. It’s an app that was created my solo backpack travelers who wanted a better way of making friends while traveling solo.

Instagram- Is another great tool! Use Instagram as a way to create friendships with time. You don’t need a big following you just need to really create good connections. For example, post a picture about a location and make sure to use the right hashtags, make sure that in the caption you ask people to tag a friend who’s been there or has friends in the location so you can meet up.

Overall, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or ask friends for connections. The world really isn’t that big! Promise.



这是一个简单的。呆在旅馆。你不不ed to share a room with 15 strangers. A lot of Hostels actually have private rooms. They are little pricey, but overall they are still pretty nice. It will still be a little cheaper than a hotel. The reason I recommend staying in Hostels is that you’re likelier to find another solo travelers. Also, Hostels always have activities (good Hostels at least) or a social gathering. This makes it so much easier to make friends. A lot of the times you find that people are headed to the same places you are and you can just travel together!



If you aren’t ready to make friends, you won’t make friends.- Did you get that?


If you aren’t准备to make friends, you WON’T make friends.


You have to be open to it. I can’t stress that enough.



If anyone has any suggests for how they make friends while traveling solo please comment below! I am always curious about trying new ways.